Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 20th March and Future March Date

We are about 2 weeks away from April 20th

I truly thought this would fly around the internet like those “Stop CISPA” Petitions and Facebook Pages. I just can’t believe that People have become so complacent, so apathetic and so accepting of the idea there is nothing they can do to change what is happening to this country, or how strong the social stigma is to question the government and publicly proclaim your distrust and objection to their agendas.

It’s quite obvious we will NOT have the numbers needed to be able to do anything this April 20th. It looks like this is just round #1 in a 12 round bout.

I will still be going, but if it is an expense for you that could be a burden to your family, I would rather see you save your money for round #2.

I am going to set the next March on DC date for September 17th 2013. That is Constitution Day. That will give us about 5 months from now to try to get a true grass movement going.

I will be working on different ways to take this off the web and get it out into the streets. One of our members of the Facebook page made a couple of flyers to pass around. Things like that will get the message out into the community, and it will spread out from there.

I have tried Dozens of times to reach al types of alternative media groups for support. Even they can’t broadcast or promote a restoration of this countries original principles and design.

 There will be more updates soon. Don't forget about the Facebook page The Consensus. I release info there more frequently.

Also you can always reach me there or email me at

Friday, March 15, 2013

A Few New Things...

We have had requests for a donation button. People say they want to help but are very limited on what they can do, but would like to help pay for someone else to go in their place. So I made a Donation Button which will is on the top right of the page or at the very bottom. All proceeds will go toward transportation or promotion of this event.

One of the members of the Facebook page started a Ride Share Page! on Facebook.

Another memeber started a Petition page.

What can you do to HELP????

Web design, or know how to link everything together?

Spread the word!


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Consensus March on DC, Stage one.

This is stage one of our March on DC. This is a first draft, Please let us know what you think and what should be changed, added or reworded. And Help write the Bill or Amendment! Leave messages or comments!

 Thank You!

Proclamation of Unity and Redress of Grievances

We the People come united as Americans to respectfully demand a Redress of Grievances regarding the influences of “Money Controlling Politics.”

We have petitioned and protested for decades with little to no action taken by the politicians elected to Represent We the People.

We understand that our pleas are not heard and ignored due to the fact that a Bill or Amendment would never be passed by the politicians that benefit directly from the very issue we demand action. 

We have the Right to Demand Action because We the People have exercised our rights granted to elect officials. The honor of being elected is to serve and protect the interests and will of the people. We the People hold the Authority and the Government Derives its Powers from the People.

We the People also Understand that the court system will back this unlimited influence of money in Our Political system, to the point of over ruling or partially over ruling previous decisions and making unlimited campaign donations a form of free speech.

The People also understand that the Politicians elected and Officials Appointed do not Represent the People, rather are influenced and controlled by the money.

It is made evident that the main concern of our Government Representatives is the ability to get re-elected to office. The duties for which the Politicians are elected have become second to the objective and time spent campaigning, fund raising, and pandering to special interest groups.

The multiple sources of the influence of money is not issue, it is the unlimited amount of that money. We have proposed a Bill or Amendment that will minimize or eliminate the unlimited flow of the influence of money.

We the People also Understand that without direct consequences to the lack of Action by our Politicians will result in the same Inaction.

We the People Demand the passage of such a Bill or Amendment.

We the People will no longer allow Inaction on our Demand.
The result of your Inaction will result in the Re-establishment of Authority to We the People.

(This will be emailed faxed to every Federal elected officials and brought to them by a committee Representing this Movement.)

We will demand action within a very short period of time. We know how fast they can pass bills when it benefits them. Maybe a week or two for the Bill or Amendment to be passed and signed into law.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Outline and Plan of Action for the New American rEvolution.

March 10th 2013....

There will be some major changes to this movement in the near future. We are getting together with other Groups... You can basically think of this as the politicians consequences to what these other Groups have planned. We will get more info out ASAP!!!! Thanks!



Plan of Action:

This is Not a Rally or Protest this is the Outline for the 2nd American rEvolution! This is a Peaceful Movement First and foremost! No Weapons Allowed! We will just not allow them to use their aggressive tactics against the People. It is time for ALL Americans to stop this lunacy called Gov. and this system designed in fraud, secrecy, and deception. Every day we don’t, those in charge (Not the Puppets) are becoming more blatant in showing their true plans. Those plans are irrelevant. What is relevant is what we do NOW! They already have everything in place to move this country where the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights will have no meaning at all, they are already mostly destroyed. Put down your labels and join the Fight for this country. You are a Human first with Rights that you Must Stand Up for or they will Be Lost Forever. Stop allowing them to divide us. I know most are saying easier said than done. Nobody wants to be the First to Fall on their Sword.


Hopefully we will get several millions of people in DC. The main rally point will be the Ulysses S Grant Memorial west of the US Capitol Building the area is also known as “The Grotto” We will demand that ALL of Congress and ALL Elected Federal Government Officials and those appointed to office by them dismiss themselves from office immediately! (Not the people that actually do the work for the Federal Government) They will have a 24 hour deadline to vacate their offices and leave peacefully and unharmed. Their Deadline Date is Noon, April 21st 2013, at that time we will all march forward to take back OUR buildings. We are not there to hurt people or destroy buildings. We are after the “System”.

Main Goal and Objective:

To eliminate the “System” that controls this country. Restore this country back to a TRUE REPUBLIC. We Need to restore the Original Bill of Rights and the US Constitution (Without reversing Human Rights Advancements) Make sure the US Constitution and Bill of Rights has no ambiguity, vagueness, or loopholes to make sure this Great Country can never be perverted into the Monstrosity that it is today!

Pre-March Planning

1. Start Saving a little money every week for transportation to DC and supplies for two days, food and mostly water. (carpool with friends)

2. Contact 5 friends that you know will have your back no matter WHAT! (This will be explained more later). These are NOT FB “Friends”, unless these are people you know personally and can contact in person. Bring three of your friends on April 20th, and leave at least one or two at home. (more later)

3. You MUST Leave All Weapons at home! They know how to deal with violence and guns, and their weapons are more powerful, but we have the numbers. We will also have a petition of hopefully 10’s of millions of people that have had enough, should not be hard that is actually a small percentage of the population.

4. Nobody will allow another person to be arrested or detained by the police. Nobody will allow the police to use any type of aggressive techniques against the People. This includes, pepper spray, tear gas, LRAD sound cannons, batons etc. You must be willing to run towards the sound of gun fire and NOT AWAY! You MUST be Willing to Charge the Aggression no Matter how Many other fellow downed Humans you must climb over. If they fire live rounds into the crowd, do NOT Run and hide, Move forward. If they choose to execute 10’s of thousands of Unarmed Americans, then they will have definitely lost. Support will increase tenfold. This is not a march of Martyrs. We will not proceed with the above plan if only 1,000 or even 20,000 people show up. Over 500,000 are really needed.

5. This is where your friends come into play. If the Police and military come full force, or start killing People then our friends will be the support team with all supplies needed and should be ready to go right away or meet the April 21st Deadline. Make sure friends have enough gas and supplies to get to DC, all infrastructures could be shut down due to Martial Law.

If you are NOT WILLING to Run Toward police gun fire, or Know You Are Willing to Die for this Country, STAY HOME!!! This is NOT a candlelight vigil!


If the Government Officials do not leave their Offices by the Deadline Date of April 21st, 12:00pm Noon, We will divide our forces and Start taking back OUR BUILDINGS! Our support team should be right behind us. The reason for two, in case one gets arrested before and two will be easier to travel to avoid law enforcement.

So what do we do when we take over the system?

1. Guarantee the Military is with the people and still properly supplied and effective to protect this country during transition.

2. Open instant access for the public to all proceedings via web, and other Media outlets that are available. (TV, Radio… more explained below.)

3. Place “People” in temporary positions for head offices for safe transition (Pres. Vice, etc.)

4. Correct any ambiguity or flaws in the US Constitution which allowed the system to take over in the first place. An addition to the Constitution, sort of Pre- Preamble, not an Amendment or change the doccument itself. (The government does everything under the guise of safety. This way the can say they are providing for the commonwealth, and the Supremacy Clause which allows them to do whatever they want.)

5. Restore this country to a True Republic and restore common law.

6. Restore the 2nd Amendment completely. We will need “Good” responsible people to help monitor their communities to ensure safe transition. The police can NOT do this alone. Concealed weapons should be allowed during transition only. Weapons should be exposed and holstered or slung unless eminent danger exists. Concealed weapons are actually “unlawful” the govt. has made it “legal” by taking away your Right and replacing it with a licensed permit. This will Not turn into the Wild West. (more on this later)

7. Bring in the most qualified from the ”people” via recommendations from the Public to temporarily head main departments of the government. These “people” will determine the best course of action for each department that would most benefit the “People”. (FDA, EDUC. IRS. etc.)

8. Establish control of monetary system and establish direction based on recommendations. (Boy, do I have one)

9. All Sovereign Rights of the Each State and each Individual Sovereign Rights will be Restored Immediately. Some States have actually abolished Individual Sovereign Rights. (Illinois, Look at the bottom of their State Constitution.) How can you abolish a “Sovereign” right? This country was created so that all States were to be their own Nation and Not controlled by the Federal Govt. and We the People are The True Sovereigns of the LAND. (Please look up the definition Sovereign)

10. Release all prisoners convicted of Non-Violent, Victimless crimes. One day behind bars is too long for crime that the only victim was the person. Past crime record will also help determine “non-violent offender” and not just the conviction that put them in prison.

This list can be a lot longer, but this is just an example of some of the things that should take after, and some of it actually before. We will be trying to contact some key “people”.

Offensive and Defensive Tactics

List of 6 items everyone will need.

Certain “Groups” will need additional items. (More on different “Groups” later)


Everyone should be wearing clothes like they were going to the biggest job interview in their life. Because we are, we will be looking for support from the rest of the country and the world. I said I will be wearing a suit and tie. Rubber sole shoes are a must. I actually own a pair of dress type shoes with steel toes and rubber soles. I do not expect people to go out and by those. Wear boots or gym shoes. Remember we do not want to look like a motley crew. Do NOT dress in camouflage, fatigues, black clothes representing “Black Block”, or any type of Masks. As I said, I am a Responsible, Caring, “Good” Human and I will act as such, I will expect to be treated as such, and I will treat others as such!

Wear at least 3 layers, T-shirt, dress shirt, and some type of coat and keep gloves in your pocket. We won’t know what the weather is and some of this will come into play later. Wear a belt. A belt has several uses, in medical as a turnicate or to make splints, or used as a defensive and offensive weapon etc. Plus most of their non-lethal projectile weapons will be slightly lessened by disbursement of energy through the different layers of clothes. There will be more on uses of jackets and belts later in the offensive tactics. Wear contacts instead of glasses if possible. (Reasons below.) If you can’t wear contacts then wear glasses with a sport strap so they don’t fly off. Vision is most important in the fog of battle and communications is next.

The 6 items everyone should have:

Remember this IS UNARMED!!! NO WEAPONS of any type. We would all love for them to dismiss themselves as the Officials in Iceland did. I highly doubt that will happen here in this country. So we must plan for the worst scenarios. Anything that happens less than the worst case scenarios will be easier.

The list of nonthreatening items everyone will need might sound strange, but each item will be explained on how it can be used to achieve our goals. Nobody will tell you what group you should belong. You know your talents you know your abilities and you know your limitations. When you see a group that fits your skill set, then plan on being in that group when you get to DC. Make sure you bring what you need to fulfill your duties. We will need people to do live streaming web broadcasts, and I couldn’t begin to tell you the supplies you would need. Main groups will be identifiable by which group they represent. I will give more information on that in the supplies list.

The 6 items that will fit in your jacket pocket or most in your back pocket are as follows. And wait to you hear all the reasons why before you doubt. These are all items to protect you from their aggressive tactics. I will go over most everything the Police might use and how you can lessen the effects. I will even go over basic hand to hand combat in offensive tactics which will stop or greatly lessen baton blows that anyone can do. The only item that is not used for protection could have a huge role in the success of this action.

1. Sponge Cone Ear Plugs: These are the small squishy cone shape ear protectors most people use for shooting. They can be twisted and stuck into the ear canal, and when they expand, it will seal the ear canal. The deeper they go in the better the seal. They will not hurt your ear drum. This will help you against LRAD, Tear gas and Pepper spray. (more on these and all devises of crowd dispersal and control.) These can be found in all hardware stores or sports section of any store.

2. Vaseline: Just a small tube per person: Tear gas, and Pepper spray attack the mucus membranes of the face and head. If you hear or see tear gas being shot into the crowd this is the first thing you want to get out. Squeeze the tube in your week hand. If your right handed squeeze it into your left hand. Put the majority into your nose without stuffing it up wipe the rest under and around your eyes. This will give a layer of protection against the effects of Pepper Spray mostly which every police officer carries. It will help a bit with Tear Gas but not as much. Plus if you do get hit with pepper spray, you can wipe off the Vaseline to start relief. The only thing that stops the pain after you have been sprayed is flushing with water and time.

3. Slightly tinted or clear swim goggles: Not a swim mask. Swim goggles are small and can fit in a back pocket or jacket pocket. These will help protect your eyes with direct shot of pepper spray, rubber ball crowd control grenades, Flash Bangs, and other type of non-lethal projectiles. This will help with everything from rubber bullets, shot gun bean bag rounds, pepper spray filled paintballs, etc. It’s better than getting hit in the eye directly. Vision in any type of battle is the most important thing. Once you can’t see or your eyes are injured, you are out of the fight. The police know this and that is why they will use tear gas and pepper spray.

4. A painter mask: This is one of those cheap paper type masks that you can get at any home improvement stores. These will help you against pepper spray and a little bit on tear gas.

5. A handful or two of paintballs or some paintballs and a paintball grenade: You can get these at any wal-mart or sports store. If they get aggressive and the charge begins, all the people 10-20 feet away from the police line need to throw a handful of paintballs high in the air at the police line. The first wavers should grab a small handful of paintballs and move toward the aggressive police. The paintballs will do several things. First it will be an instant distraction when the police see thousands of paintballs (or something in their mind) coming at them. They will be looking up. That couple of seconds can get your first wavers several feet closer without the concentration being on them. If the paintballs break on their riot masks they will be blinded taking them out of the fight for another second or so until the lift their visors or take off their head gear. This will give the first wavers another step or two. First wavers need to whip the paintballs or physicaly smash their handful on the masks of the riot helmets. It will also make the entire area slippery. They will not have good footing. This could also hamper us slightly too, but anything that disrupts their confidence helps us. Anything that makes them feel more vulnerable helps us. Plus we have the numbers on our side. (More offensive tactics later.)

6. About 1 foot of yellow caution tape. This will be explained in more detail later in the Identifying Groups section. Any Police Officer that takes off his riot gear to join us will be labeled as such with a yellow caution tape arm band. All of us will be wearing these arm bands of one color or another. The extra 1 foot of yellow arm band will be offered to the police throughout the March. Wave them in the air. The people in the front lines offer them directly. Tell the officers when they are ready they can take off their riot gear and join us. Their weapons WILL NOT be taken from them if they are wearing a yellow arm band. They are experts with their weapons not you, although I know some of you will be.

Different Groups

We will need a Security Group that will watch out around the perimeter of the entire crowd. They will be watching for anyone of in the crowd that might be a provocateur. Everyone that comes to the March has this same responsibility. You must watch for people there to start trouble. Their main duties and responsibility will be to watch and keep the crowd somewhat orderly. Send people that need help in the right direction. Each member of the security group must be willing to be first wavers also. They will also be willing to put themselves between the police and the crowd, facing the crowd, because their duty is the crowd. We will explain identification of Main groups later, with the supplies needed for that group.

We will also need First Wavers. These are the people willing and knowing they will be the ones that might take the first blunt of the aggression from the police. This also goes for the security group as explained above. These people might have training in hand to hand combat. To the 50-60+ year old women that have emailed me saying they might not be able to do much but they will take the first bullets or abuse so someone can advance. You ladies know who you are I have gotten a bunch of messages like that. I also got one the most touching and long message from a woman that had to be early to mid-70’s just because of the things she talked about when she was a kid growing up in this country, and how she cries every time she watches the news because she sees the destruction of this country on every level. She can’t take what the future holds for her grandchildren and great grandchildren if this country and this world were to keep heading in the same direction… SHE WANTED TO BE A FIRST WAVER! ~

 Ladies that sent me those messages please email me again and tell me I can release them with your FB name so people do not think I am making up stories!!!! I might message you back for permission. ~

First Wavers duties are to head toward any aggression any of the police might do. We will NOT charge all at once and cause more harm and damage to ourselves then the police would do. They are to physically stop any arrests police try to make. This will NOT start the March forward. Only when the police act as a group violently will that begin. (More on that later) Again this is to be done with the LEAST amount of Harm to the “Person”. Use your numbers to restrain them. If it escalates and other police join in, then that will be a sign of aggression by the police as a group. (Again, more on this later)

And yes, everyone can be first wavers. Depending on your location in the crowd will determine your duties. We can Not have 100 people deep waiting to charge. Again we do not want to cause more injuries to each other than the police will do. We do Not want to trample each other. Just wait until your path is clear, and there is room in front of you to advance. Plus, if you are more in the middle of the crowd, you will be getting ready with protective items. The people in different layers of the crowd will have different tactics but everyone should have 6 simple items plus what they are wearing. (More on this in offensive tactics.) ~

We will need a Medical Group or first aid teams. Even if there is Zero aggression, just having so many people together accidents will happen. People fall, sprain their ankles, get cuts, you know what I mean. Every specialty group will know what to bring for the group they choose. I am not a doctor or nurse so I could not tell you what you think are the most important items. Like I said only You know Your talents, abilities and limitations. And don’t worry about too many people being in one group, that won’t happen. The averages will even it out. ~

We will need a Video Event Recording Group or video journalists. These people can bring what they want to the extent they feel comfortable. Bring a small camcorder, or bring what you need to do a live streaming web broadcast. Again I have no clue what you will need. And you know if you have that knowledge more than medical or hand to hand combat etc. ~

We will need a Recon Group. These will be people that might not even see the crowd. They might be driving around DC or walking around DC no closer than ¼ mile. They will be watching for additional police backup, crowd control vehicles like armored personnel carriers, trucks with LRAD. (Long Range Acoustical Device/ Sound cannons basically) Any sign of police “Military” vehicle reinforcements will be considered an act of Extreme Aggression and the March will instantly begin. We can Not afford them to build a huge defense or an offensive attack against the March. They are Not bringing those vehicles there for our safety! (Duh) Communications with Recon Group will be explained later. If you believe in this cause but don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way Recon could be perfect for you. ~

We will need a crowd and perimeter Surveillance Group. These people will be watching the crowd and mostly watching outside the crowd for provocateurs. These people might have things from binoculars to small telescopes or just their eyes. We need to be able to spot advancement of police or even things like snipers. These people might be just outside the crowd to walking around within a couple blocks. (Communications explained later.) ~

And middle of the crowd Second Wavers. These can be anyone depending on your location to the center of the crowd. You have duties that come upon any Void of the Deadline Date or after the deadline date if violence breaks out. Your duties and responsibilities will be explained in offensive tactics. ~

We will also need a smaller amount of Communications Leaders. Their duty is to interpret in coming Recon and Surveillance information. This is so we do not have false reports or exaggerated reports. (More on this later too.) ~

That is about the extent of the major groups. Yes groups can little subgroups like media contact with the video group. Or front line Medics with the medical group. Work it out on the group’s page made on FB for that group. Or start your own page.

Identifying groups:

Everyone should be wearing a yellow caution tape arm band. Security should be wearing two of these. One on both arms, two on one arm or both legs, etc. If you are wearing two bands you will be in the Security Group. The only other group that will have a special arm band will be medics or anyone involved in medical. You can get the same plastic caution tape in orange or red. These will be our united colors this simple gesture show unity as a group. Plus people will be coming to this event without a clue about the notes. I will have a flier ready for printing that will go over the rules and basic strategy. If you see someone without an arm ban you can assume they don’t know the rules or tactics. These people must be given a flier or read them the flier, it will be basic and direct. People that don’t understand the plan can cause more problems by getting in the way or causing more confusion. Recon Group will have none of these items with them. They will only have communication devices. We do not want to lose our Recon people because the police stopped them on the road and they have some of these items with them and they get arrested. You can always explain a smart phone or a little two way radio.
I would also recommend some surveillance not directly with the crowd not have any of these items.

Additional Offensive Tactics and Communications ~

If a full charge on any aggression from the police starts, the people in the crowd needs to know it has started. This is where your battle cry comes out. The more aggression the louder you scream and yell. If you don’t see the violence don’t yell because others are yelling. You should be getting ready with your protection items, the second wavers. The quicker you get ready the safer you will be and the quicker you can back up the people in front of you. Plus this will stop a mass charge and get the People trampled. Your yelling will direct the crowd toward the most violence by how loud and direction. It will also kick in your adrenaline into full mode. We need simple communications like this during the fog of the battle. And once it really starts your mind and senses can get really foggy. Communications for the other groups will be more technical. Did you ever hear or have that feeling that things go in slow motion when something like an accident is about to happen? This is from adrenaline. It is our natural defense or offense system for fight or flight. All your senses are truly heightened greatly even strength increases and the sense of pain decreases. You have heard of mothers or one person lifting a car off their child or the helicopter in Hawaii guy video, if you know what I am talking about. The worse thing about adrenaline in high doses is it will make you throw up. This is normal unless you are used to long activities with adrenaline pumping the whole time. ~

The first thing the police will do is use non-lethal weapons most of the time unless they are faced with deadly force. They think their crowd control weapons will work because they always have. The real reason is they never were challenged properly. Remember this is a PEACEFUL MARCH and we will only use tactics to DEFEND ourselves against their initiation of violence towards us. ~

So let’s say they choice to shot tear gas into the center of the crowd, at the same time open fire with paintball pepper spray ball, rubber ball grenades, flash bangs, and shot gun bean backs, some might have Tasers. Tasers would be used last they are for stopping individuals. When you come within 5-6 feet they will be ready with batons, gun butts flashlights or whatever hand held weapon like shields. If tear gas is shot into the crowd, do NOT throw it back. The police shooting the tear gas will start the first wavers. You don’t want to injure them or tear gas them. The best thing to do is to kick it to the outside of the group, preferably down wind. Kick it in the direction the smoke is going. ~

To stop, deflect or lessen the power of the blow, to not slow down. The closer you physically get to them; they won’t be able to swing as hard. If you are approaching the police and they are starting to swing, do not stop or step back you will get the full force of the blow. If you can strike, block or even just touch their arm from hand to their elbow as they are swinging you can completely stop, lessen greatly or deflect the blow. Once you are that close to not try to strike or beat them with your hands. Two reasons, you will not do much damage because of the riot gear and you will probably hurt your hands because of the riot gear. So you grab onto any part of their body you can. The best is a bear hug around the waist or mid-torso with your head under their chin or in their chest. They cannot strike you or very hard at all, you can get below their center of gravity, you can drive them back and it can bring them to the ground, and remember you will have back up instantly behind you to help hold them. ~

Once in control you can use their plastic hand cuffs or even your belt to keep them from moving to restrain them. If at any time they take off their riot gear and say they will join, tie a yellow ribbon around their arms so they are not attacked anymore. Just like the ones restrained, put a yellow ribbon around their arms too. We are Not there to injure anyone. Remember we are Not there to destroy buildings and Hurt people.

Dogs are not hard to deal with or stop. People fear dogs because of their barking, growling and bearing of teeth. When you only have to worry about is their bite. If a dog grabs your leg, strike it in the nose, either kick it in the nose with your other foot or hit it with your fist. Their noses are supper sensitive to being hit. If a dog grabs your arm, force your arm to the back of the dog's mouth. It can not bite down on your arm. Same thing if a dog grabs your hands. Either stick your thumb or fingers down hard under it's tongue and grab onto it's lower jaw. The dog can not bite down. Same goes for forcing your hand to the back of it's mouth.

Once we have gained control of a building we must instantly get our webcasters in the building to set things up. They will cut the power plan on that. We must also be prepared for an offensive attack or backup for the police. We will have some of their weapons, and your backups at home should be called as soon as something starts. We do not want to start a shootout with any Police backups. Your backups need to be heading to DC As Soon As Possible. Our backups should come in waves just based on how far they are from DC.

We do have other rally points and objectives. If our recon finds out they have the Capitol building completely surrounded the day before with armored personnel vehicles, LRAD, MRAD, Barbed wire etc. we will have web outlets such as twitter and such to relay any last second changes to the people of the March. Some people say the main objective should be the WH. The WHouse is not only extremely well-guarded all day and night with the best trained and highly professional seasoned war vets or existing Military. Plus it has the most physical defenses. If they want to hide in a bunker and think they still have control that is fine, the people will be in control. ~

Obstacles we may come across might be something as simple as 4 foot high crowd control fences. Those wonderful orange snow fences they use to corral people, and barbed wire. They have vehicles that can spread double barbed wire rows for a couple hundred feet at 35-40 miles per hour. That is where your jackets and coats come in. If everyone throws a jacket or coat on the barbed wire or razor wire, it will only take 2-4 per area to basically not feel it anymore. If you have 5 or more coats on an area, it will be nothing more than a possible trip hazard or slow you down only slightly.

Announcing Our Single Demand

We will officially release our ONE DEMAND on April 20th 2013. We will inform all Main Stream Media. (falls on deaf ears) We will inform all Federal Govt. Officials by all means available. We will call, email, fax, tweet, post flyers or any other means you can think of. Again 1 person can NOT do all of that. But I’m sure several of you know how to do it all at once to every Federal Official at the same time. We will even contact all law enforcement.

We will tell them our exact plans on how at 12 Noon April 21th 2013 they must leave their offices and leave all of the “People’s” Property behind. We will tell them that at any time violence is used against the “People” the Deadline Date will be Void and we will take over OUR Buildings Instantly. They will be told that any forms of aggression will be stopped by our defensive actions. They will be told any signs of Police reinforcements of military type vehicles or crowd control vehicles will also cause the Deadline to be Void and the March to start instantly. They will be told we are ALL UNARMED People. We will tell them NO Officials or Police will be Harmed Leaving, fleeing or retreating if weapons are laid down after They initiated the violence. We will tell them We are Resolute and Firm in our Decisions. No amount of FEAR tactics or physical violence to the People will Stop or deter our advancement. We will tell that that any physical violence by the police will result in pledged (pledged to you) second wavers (your two back-ups) to be instantly dispatched. We have a petition made that will be passed around.

We will NOT taunt, entice or provoke the police into a violent act. We will tell their front liners of our intentions through signs, handing fliers to them, or just talking to them in a Non-aggressive, Non-threatening way. I’m sure the higher ups will not tell the police on the line what our demands, deadline or how determined we are. We will also tell them we do NOT want to Hurt them, but they Will Not get in the way of our demand. We will tell them at any time they can remove their riot gear, to show they are on our side. We will NOT TAKE their Weapons if they remove all Riot Gear. Remember the guards and army sided with the “People” at the Bastille.

Remember the police will have at least two days to think about having to Shoot or Harm an Unarmed Never Threatening Person that looks like anyone from their Church, PTA, Social Group, or Neighborhood, NOT Black Block, militia looking or thugs.

Anyone from the March tries to break any rules must be stopped by the “People” instantly, not the police. There is NO REASON to be threatening, intimidating or even rude in Any way.

We can NOT treat this action and present our Demand as a threat. It is simply a Matter of FACT Not up for Negotiation.

We do not want the individual Police officer for any reason be able to justify shooting or harming anyone of us.If you act violent or aggressive they will be able to justify their actions at least as self preservation.

Yes, we are trying to win their Hearts and Minds and get them to side with us. Remind them of how most of the pension funds were drained. They are Victims of the System as much as you and I.

We all Understand today that “WE THE PEOPLE” is every living breathing human that walks the face of this Earth. We do NOT have to start labeling what “group” you fall into. We are ALL EQUAL!

We can NOT demand this from the System”. The system does not listen to demands, requests, or pleas. The System will give you small “Victories” to still give you the illusion of choice, influence and control.

We Must TAKE Back what is ours. Once a Right is lost, it will never be given back to you. It will only be converted to a privilege, but it will always be lost or diminished.

How do we TAKE Back what is ours?

Only if we get enough people to show up can we proceed with these actions. As I said I will not allow 1,000 or even 10,000 people to be slaughtered or arrest just to have the govt. or media to slap some label on us for “Justifying” the slaughter .

100,000 people wouldn’t be enough to complete this. With Congress and the Gov. approval rating the lowest in history (below 12%)and the mass awakening of people in the last 10-15 years We should be able to get several million people to show up. I can Not tell each one of those people this info. I need each and every person that Understands and Agrees with this to help in some way. You know your contacts, abilities, talents and limitations. Take the information and run with it. Do whatever you think will work to get one more person there.Any additional ideas are always welcomed.

I know going to DC might not be possible for many for whatever reason, but spreading the word in whatever fashion possible, or by whatever means possible. Start a local event, Start your own state page linked to ours, get it out on twitter (just signed up last night… yeah I know….) other social networks, make videos put them on our page and YouTube. I physically do not have the time nor the talent or knowledge to do most of those things. This Your rEVOLTION, Take Control of your Own Destiny.

If we do get several 100,000 people there by April 21st the Deadline date. We will All move forward orderly on the strike of 12 noon. Our progress will not be slowed or delayed by anyone protecting the “System”. We will keep this steady move forward to the doors of the every Federal Building we can depending on the numbers we have. If we have millions we can take them all over at once. If we have more than 500,000 we will start with the capital building. I will have future meeting places and division of groups once we know the actual numbers that show up by April 21st. A good indication will be the number that shows up on April 20th.

If before the deadline of April 21st they try to use any violent tactics against The People, we will instantly stop those people, causing the least amount of harm possible, and move forward to the next threat or objective. (of course if the numbers are there) WE ARE NOT MARTYRS!

Being there you will have an understanding that we are NOT there to harm people; we are there to eliminate the “System”. We will have different groups of Security, First Wave, Medical Aide, Video Journalists, Recon, etc. You will Know which group is Best for you, Nobody will tell You how You can help out in the best way of Your abilities.

Every Person that shows up Understands the are to be NO WEAPONS of any type. Showing up you are claiming a responsibility for being there. Exercising any “RIGHT” comes with a Responsibility. Each and every one is responsible for monitoring the people around you. If you see someone with a Gun, Weapon, Firecracker, or a suspicious person with an overstuffed backpack, you must take it upon yourself and the people that came to back you up and other people around to take control of the situation. The same understanding and responsibility of showing up is you will have no problem showing someone what’s in your backpack of under your jacket. Is this an “Intrusion” of your Rights or personal effects? It might be, but if you are “Good” in the Heart Mind and Soul for this occasion you will have no problem helping the cause and Cooperating. (this will Not be a TSA Strip Search) Any action by a Provocateur must be stopped instantly. I’m sure they will be there from the System and even civilians that support the System. They must be stopped to prevent the police from using any aggressive action against The March. We Are not Looking for a fight! We are there Peacefully with our single demand. WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!

At any time the Police as a whole try to disperse the crowd by using any of their aggressive techniques that Will instantly cause the Deadline Date to become VOID. Instead of Marching slowly forward, All the First Wavers and the Entire March will move in the direction of the violence to stop it. Your “Right” to Self Defense. If any police lay down their weapons, they may be restrained, but they will NOT be abused or further beaten for their actions in revenge. If other Police continue to use violence against the “People” we will use any means possible to stop the police causing the least amount of harm to that person. They have spouses and kids at home too! These are “People” too we are NOT there to HURT PEOPLE! We are there to remove the “SYSTEM”! We are NOT there to destroy buildings, ignite fires, and destroy OUR PROPERTY.

We do NOT want anybody to dress in camouflage, Military fatigues, or any Black clothing representing “Black Block”.

I will lead any defensive charge or the March forward at the Deadline. I will be wearing a suit and tie and strong shoes.

 I am a “Good”, Responsible, Respectful and Caring Human and I will act as such.

What you Need to “Understand”

There are several psychological factors involved that will make this work. They involve how and when the Gov. Officials will be notified, along with all law enforcement agencies. This is what you need to “Understand” that makes this very possible.

I know most people will not grasp the concept of this until they let go of what they have been conditioned to believe and taught by the system, not only throughout their life, but past generations. You must also understand the True Nature of man. You have been taught and conditioned by the system, thru the Government, Media, and even the Education system, to go against this True Nature of man. I am not picking on one group, but this is a perfect example. (1st an additional understanding) What is in the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of 99% of all mankind? Most people Want to do “Good”. They want the betterment of themselves, their families, their communities and a better World. They do Not go out to do harm to others intentionally with Pure Evil in their Heart, Mind and Soul. “Good” men do not need laws to do “Good”, True Evil will never care about any laws. Then you have good people that will do bad, but for several different reasons. Social economic stress and stigma is the main cause of this. I’m not going into all the reasons now to prove a point. With that Understood, back to the example of Good people being conditioned and taught to go against the True Nature of man. Everyone one of these good people wants to be treated well by others and will treat others with the same respect. We all have heard do onto others as you would like done to you, or treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself. I believe most people know this as “The Golden Rule”. Now when a room full of mostly “Good” people “Boo” this Golden Rule because it came from the mouth of a politician during a political debate, and I’m sure brought on by provocateurs from the system, the majority of the crowd joined in the choir of “Boo’s”. Now I know none of those people would go to church the following week and stand up and “Boo” their Preacher for mentioning the same “Golden Rule”. Now some of you will say, that is because it’s “Our Enemy”, and I say, Well-Conditioned!

I’m not going to debate what is good and what is evil. What matters is in your Heart, Mind and Soul. You know you want better without hurting others to get there.

Now also understand that most people ARE willing to take responsibility for their actions, because they are good. And this understanding will make all of this work and here is how.

Most of the concerns I hear are FEAR Based, and for good reason. Fear is a powerful motivator and controller. Let’s take one of biggest things people FEAR. During the transition who will keep the utilities on and who will makes sure there is enough Food, Medicine, and essentials to keep society going. You, that’s who, Each and every ONE of us. Let’s say you are a worker at a Nuclear Power plant or any Utility. Are you going to Run home and abandon your position Knowing very well that when you get home there will be NO Electricity for You too? You would not want to put yourself, your family, your community in harm’s way because of your Irresponsible Actions. Are you going to let That Power Plant go into Possible Melt Down? Consider it “Self Preservation through Cooperation” Did you know over 70% of all firefighters in the country are Volunteers! What is their motivation for that? It is the betterment of their community, not fame or fortune.

We are all in this together. When we open up instant lines of exposure and communications to the public they will be able to hear and see at any time what is happening and the progress in as many locations possible or needed. The public will also see that their input is being used and responded to. This is one of the best ways to ease the public. We will constantly remind them about “Self Preservation Cooperation” They must know that they are needed to fulfill help keep the peace and stability of their community. Not one job or duty is less important or more important than another. This time will also be used to explain that any kind of violent crime will not be tolerated. Any Violent Crime committed with a weapon during the time of the transition will result in Harsh Penalty, maybe Life in Prison upon conviction. The Prisons system will start to empty so room will Not be a problem. In addition prisons will no longer be “Club Med” but in the same case they will not be transferred into the “Gulag” (Lines of communications explained better later)

We need to set a temporary price freeze on all essentials. NOBODY will be allowed to price gouge the “People” of this country. This price freeze will last until a complete transition is completed. If anytime a price can drop of essential, let the “Free Market” work. As far as the use of Federal Reserve Notes for money, it will still be used during transition. You already put your trust in paper that really has no more value than Monopoly Money. If you change what is considered monetary exchange then the system can Not be rewarded for stealing the money from the people of this country.

What will take the place of the system? (More on this in the “System” section”)

This is a good question. It’s not up to one person it’s not up to a group of people. Do you want to replace a “system” with another “system’? Our original form of Government was the best designed as a true Republic, with the individual being the true Sovereign of the land. Just like all the Unconstitutional Laws on our books that are not Common Law. People are worried about all these Laws. Why are laws written? Common Law requires a victim is either harmed financially or physically before there is a “Crime”.

Now take this Understanding to the Hearts, Minds and Souls of the Police. They are Not Mindless, Heartless, and Soulless Drones. They too know what is happening to this country and the world. They too have compassion, love and understanding and want to do Good. They might have been conditioned more by the System but only a small percentage have been Brainwashed (for lack of a better word) to the point where they will only DO as they are told without weighing their actions against their own True Nature. They should Not be Punished for this!

Now Justification for their actions in their own minds can be made with the influence of certain factors. Most all of these police have never even pulled out their gun, let alone shot someone during the course of their job. Now if you are armed, they will be able to Justify these actions as self-defense or even preservation of their own life. Now with notification that at the deadline time 100,000’s of UNARMED people will move forward to complete our objective. They will have to make a conscious pre-thought out decision to shot and kill innocent UNARMED fellow men and women. The True Nature of Man will not allow this.

You may have NOT a Complete Understanding of this and that’s OK. I ask you one thing. Look into your own Heart, Mind, and Soul and ask yourself this one question.

“Is this the way Humans should Live, Exist and Treat each other?”

Why this Needs to be Done!

These are some of my favorite objections from people that are opposed to this type of action. The conditioned optimist, “It’s not that bad in this country go find a different country if you don’t like it here.” or “We can vote everyone out that doesn’t represent the people.” And “We need to have more protests and get more petitions signed; they have worked in the past.” I even heard “None of my Rights have been really taken away, I can still do everything I did before.” Or my favorite, “If you have nothing to hide or are doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.” Then the futile objections “Yes, the Government wastes money and helps out their Corporate buddies, but they always have and you’re not going to change that overnight.” Or “There’s really nothing any of us can do to change things, so I don’t follow politics.” When you know that the “System” is the root cause of all our problems and all the sources of the previous objections, then you know we have to go after the system and not the people controlled by the system.

The “System”

The “system” as we call it goes back as far as man. Since the discovery of control of the masses by an individual or group the “System” has been manipulated, twisted, perverted and concocted to what this country and world is controlled by today. The “System” does not listen to the demands, requests or pleas of the people it controls. The system will give the people small victories to give them the illusion of choice, influence and control. Then usually come back a little while later with more restrictions or laws against the People.

The Founding Fathers of this country knew of this system, they fought the system and they tried to create set guidelines for this country to avoid and not be controlled by the system. They created the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights. Yes there were human rights flaws, but even today in our “modern” history we are plagued with the same type of human rights flaws. The Founding Fathers understood that the individual should not be controlled by another. They understood that just our existence gave us rights that should never be violated.

That document gave all humans Supreme Power of the land. We had Sovereign Rights. There was no higher power than our creator. The order of power was supposed to be the individual, the local government, the state government, and last the Federal Government. Somehow in a matter of less than 75 years those powers started to shift. The system believed that the individual was not accountable enough to handle the responsibility required with each of those “Rights”. Yes, every Right you choose to exercise comes with a certain amount of responsibility. And I would agree there are a lot of people that do not want to or cannot take the responsibility for their actions. You do NOT remove those Rights from everyone because of some individuals. Therefore slowly in the beginning they started converting those Rights into privileges. When you are required to acquire a license, a permit or pay a fee to do something it is no longer a Right. When you have to ask permission to do something it is not a Right.

Our country was also founded on the principles of Common Law. Common Law requires an injured party for there to be a crime. If you physically or financially injure someone you must pay restitution in some form. Common Law is not complex it is not hard to understand and is common sense. Anything that falls under this heading is Unlawful. Anything else that doesn’t harm another is Lawful. You can NOT make laws to protect the individual form themselves. Instead of creating Laws that make an action “illegal” and Not “Unlawful” you need to address the underlying issue that causes that action to be unacceptable to the majority of people. You do NOT make it “illegal” because the masses think it should be “illegal”. This country was Not founded as a Democracy. It was founded as a Republic.

Our Founding Fathers warned us about central banks and fiat currency. They knew every fiat currency in the history of man collapsed. They warned us about making alliances and forming allegiances with other countries. Not to be isolationists but to be non-interventionist. They understood “Blowback” then and how it could be a detriment to this country. I’m not going to go through all of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to show how almost every aspect of those great documents have wiped out, diminished or ignored. Are those documents perfect, no, but they are the perfect foundation of making all humans truly free sovereign individuals.

The system being tireless, determined and unwavering in their goals of world control was able to get a foot hold on this country before the Revolutionary War in small steps in about 75 years. In less than less than 125 years the system was in complete control of the government. Now they had to get control of the people.

The Great Depression was a direct result of actions taken by the central banks, I will not go into all the details, but they removed almost 40% of the actual currency in circulation. When the economy collapsed and people we starving and doing whatever they could do make ends meet. The Federal Government came in as the savior and started giving people benefits in place for their servitude. The public at large became dependent on the government and those benefits. This may be more information for some who really studied the true history of this country. And it might be scratching the surface for others.

When the 2nd 13th amendment was ratified, Yes there was a different 13th amendment that was replaced with the one we have today, it freed the slaves and gave them the same rights as all men. So why the need for the 14th Amendment which clarifies this…. I thought saying they have the same rights was clear enough. If you read the 14th Amendment you need to understand the legal terms of the words used. Legal terms of words do Not have the same meaning of even basic words we use every day. So read the 14th Amendment it says if you are born in this country you are a “Citizen” of this country and fall under the “Jurisdiction” of the Federal Government. You no longer are under the “Jurisdiction” of the Bill of Rights or the US Constitution even though they like you to think so.

So every time you voluntarily check a box that says “Are you a US Citizen” you are actually giving up your Rights. They can only do this with your consent, even though you think being a US Citizen means you are here in this country Lawfully or born here. Enough of this and back to why we are really here, I just thought some needed this basic information.

So now we have this System that has figured out it doesn’t matter what the truth or the facts are, it’s what they can get the majority of the people to believe. And through the generations of conditioning most are willing to believe what is told them by any “Authority” entity. They have twisted and perverted common sense so people now believe that corporations are too big to fail. Now the leaders of those Corporations are too big to prosecute. Yes your government just said this about the CEO and other executives of HSBC and their involvement of money laundering of drug cartels.

Just as our politicians exempt themselves form all the laws they create for us. Just read them.

And here is the biggest hook of all, our fiat money system and government debt. Most people think that China or other foreign countries own that debt. Well the American people actually do. All the retirement accounts held by every person in this country is mostly vested in US Treasury Bonds. (Debt) Plus there are trillions of dollars of debt on the Federal Reserve books that the people of this country owe, that is not even part of that 16 Trillion dollar debt we all here about. Every month the Federal Reserve about 45 billion in US Treasury Notes and about another 40 billion in mortgage backed securities from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. This is done with new money made from thin air and new debt owed to the Federal Reserve. Now depending on where the bond prices go the Federal Reserve will either make money or lose money…. I mean we will lose money, there is no risk involved for them. Bond yields are the lowest in history, artificially kept down by the federal reserve. When bond yields are low the cost of the bonds are high. When the yield goes up, the price of those bonds go down. So if the Fed. is buying bonds at all time high prices, what are the odds of those prices going up versus going down.

So every time the Fed prints more money it devalues what you get every week in your paycheck. It devalues the money you have saved or the equity in your home. This is why it takes more of them to buy the same products.

There is nothing backing this money, only your faith that when you get it you will be able to use it. The Federal Reserve does not have any Gold Reserves and hasn’t since about 1934. The country’s total gold reserves are estimated to be worth about $340 billion dollars. So where is all the Country’s gold? The Treasury says they have $11 Trillion…. Who audited that again?

The system has not only taken over the country, now it allows Corporations to make laws for their benefit. The government and Big Business have become a revolving door for politicians and business executives. Politicians are given cushy well-paying jobs for selling their vote to these businesses when they leave office. Former executives from these businesses get influential non-elected positions in the Government to make sure their buddies get what they want I could list hundreds of examples, but I’m sure you have seen the “Veen” circles showing the relationships. And the masses believe that these business leaders must know better than the average person. These businesses have been allowed to extract the natural and human resources for the gain and profits of a collective few. They do this with no concern for environmental destruction or physical harm to the People of this country and the World. Not only do some Not pay taxes, we give them billions in tax dollars a year so they can do this to us. Then in addition they are protected by the Government from prosecution or even fines stiff enough to discourage this behavior in the future. I’m sure most have not heard about or maybe very little about the banking LIBOR scandal, or really don’t know what it was. I will give just a brief break down and description of this. All interest rates charged for the “People’s” loans are tied to LIBOR RATES. (check your credit cards) These rates are interest banks charge each other overnight loans. These interest rates are then given to set LIBOR rates and directly effects what you pay for interest. The big problem is the banks were only required to report these exchange rates based on their honor. There was no over site or regulations. So for about six years these banks were able to steal hundreds of billions of dollars from people around the World. They were caught and penalized. A perfect example of the penalties would be if you were caught and convicted of stealing a brand new Mercedes Benz your fine would have been about .50 cents, you are free to go home, and by the way you get to keep the car.

These are just examples to show how woven the system is with the Government. Every Industry in this country has corrupted or has been corrupted by the system. Even the Justice System has been now made profitable for the system. Criminals are sent to for profit prisons where the government guarantees these Prisons a 95% fill rate all on your dime. Why do you think we have 25% of the world’s prison population with close to 60% of them being non-violent victimless criminals? We have people serving life sentences for growing plants. (Multiple Industries pushed for the illegalization of cannabis so the laws would include Hemp and remove a natural cheap versatile competitor)

Anything that exposes or gets in the way of the system is silenced one way or another. The system will never harm itself or allow harm to come to itself. It will do whatever it takes to keep control of all the governments and all the people of the world.

The only weakness the System has is being exposed and the people taking back control and power for themselves. Iceland did this quite successfully and you never heard a word of it in the news because the system does not want the people to know it IS possible to break free of the system. Plus it wasn’t violent and bloody and this country wasn’t involved in “Liberating” them, so no news to report there.

The only power the System has over the people is fear and intimidation. Fear of what the system can do to you and using those fears and punishments as intimidation.

What takes place of the System?

Do you really want to replace the “System with another “SYSTEM”?

I think people really want to know what type or form of government is going to be in “Control”?

To you really want to give “Control” of your Life to another entity. That is why we are Sovereigns!

We are to control our Own lives our Own destiny.

But what about the people who can’t physically or mentally DO for themselves? The “System” provides for them. The “System” makes sure they are safe and taken care of. The “System” does NOT do this. The “People” that are “Controlled” by the “System” take care of these People.

What about all the laws that are made to keep society civil and orderly?

I will get into LAWS later and why they are made, and address the two biggest Hot Button topics in this country today….. GUN CONTROL AND ABORTION…… and how these will Not be issues AT ALL. ( I’m sure most of you are very doubtful at this point)

What about the people on social security? Most of these people could Not survive without those checks. (More on SS Checks later and yes they will get Their money.)

I agree, most people do live paycheck to paycheck no matter where they are in their life. Most people are also a major and sometimes even minor financial unexpected expense away from total financial collapse. So is this the fault of the person, or is this a problem created by the “system”? Yes some people make bad choices and that could cause hard times, but are we supposed to support or take care of these people? Is it our responsibility to make sure they make could choices? Or are most of these problems related to two different factors? “Social/Economic Stress” those two factors will make people do things they never thought was possible. And these are “GOOD” people.

As I have stated and most of you know the System is completely designed to “Control” the masses to prevent behavior They don’t want.

If you don’t think the “System” doesn’t guide, control, persuade, intimidate every portion of your life and society, just examine any part you want to. (Challenge…. Message me one part that is Not effected or controlled by the system!) The “System” Creates most of all the Social/Economical stresses and stigmas today and they divide society so society will create the rest.

So you want to make a Law to keep society civil and orderly?

What do Laws do and why are they created?

Let’s start with the lesser laws, the ones that don’t want you to drive too fast or wear you set belt, or stop light or stop sign “Violations”. The stop sign or light keeps the order not the LAW. But if there is No Penalty or Fine people will just blow thru the lights and signs anytime they want. You mean like they do today? Or do you mean More People would do it then? Are there self-centered, ego driven, self-absorbed, selfish people that only care about the 2 minutes they saved by going thru the light? Yes, most definitely! Are people born with these traits? Can people not control these traits? Or does the “System” nurture these traits? (in some) Does the “System” encourage these traits? Or is it an effect of the Social/Economical stress created by the system that makes these people want to do whatever it takes to get ahead to make their lives better. They could be attracted to the trinkets they are rewarded with for their behavior and the society driven obsession of those trinkets or luxuries. The obsession drives and feeds that attraction. What if the same individual was rewarded with those same luxuries and trinkets he wants, but instead of being driven by the system, to feed the system, and rewarded by the system for production that only helps the system and further destroys and adds more stress to the social/economic conditions? What if that same person with the same drive and ambition was paid or rewarded by helping the social/economic conditions? SO, WHO is Going to Pay for that?!?!

I always say in today’s “System” if they found a way to feed the hungry and make it more profitable than Exxon Oil, there would be no more hunger, because they would make SURE everyone had 2-3 times the amount of food they needed.

What if I told you there was a way to work 4 hours a day, make the same amount of money? And the business you worked did not lose any production value. Produce the same get paid the same. That doesn’t mean you have to do twice as much of the same thing in half of the time. But since you have that drive to strive for better you could get another job. Or, what if that person made more money than his job helping those that are less fortunate? How? And Who is going to pay for it?!?!

 I could explain in extreme detail a “System” or I like to say a “Culture” where that is not only possible, but designed to be so! I will NOT give that info now. Everyone would want to instantly label it with some kind of “ism” that the current “System” has created to divide the people. You can only react or treat to something new with past knowledge and experiences you have learned your whole life. Yes, I know there are a certain percentage of the people that can be “Open” to new ideas and be objective. But people have been conditioned Not to like change, Not to get out of their comfort zone, Not to stray from their routine.

So that still doesn’t address those that will choose to drive too fast or like a crazy mad man. So tell me, today when you were driving down the road, did you follow the exact speed limit because that is the Law? Or did you drive as fast as you felt safe and only slowed down because you know where the police sit? Or drove at a speed where you knew they probably wouldn’t pull you over, but you were still speeding? Or drove very close to the speed limit because you couldn’t afford the ticket and possible insurance rate increase? You were responsible the whole time. You didn’t try to hit anyone, you even hit your brakes for the animal in the road. Yes there are accidents; yes people might have made a bad choice. Nobody wants to die or kill someone in an accident, but it happens no matter what the law was.

People have lost the ability to think for themselves and be responsible for their actions. They have been conditioned so over their lifetime. They rather have laws to tell them what they can and can Not do, so they can always say that they were within the law. This takes away your ability to be responsible and accountable for your actions or lack of action. Oh you will be accountable for your actions if you break their law, you get to pay a fine or sit in a jail. But you will never be accountable or even responsible for your inaction because you were within the law. What?? You say…

 A school nurse was Not allowed to give a student their asthma medicine because it was not on the list of medications for that student. There are Strict Laws that the nurse Must follow or she could not only lose her job, and nursing license, but could face jail time. So this child was having this asthma attack that was so bad she couldn’t make it to her backpack to get her inhaler. She was not prone to severe attacks and barely ever used her inhaler. So this girl told them about the inhaler and they got it, but it wasn’t on the list. So the nurse did not give it to her. But she did call the paramedics, and by the time the paramedics got there the girl was completely blue and gasping for any breath at all but still conscious. The paramedics gave the girl oxygen and let her have her inhaler, which helped instantly. So the nurse did not have to worry about accountability or being responsible for that child’s life because she followed the law to the letter. Even if that girl died she still would not be wrong in the eyes of the “LAW”. Now if the girl’s attack was so bad and the nurse took it upon herself to give that girl the medicine and she died anyway, well that nurse would be sitting in a cell. (True Story) Yes the nurse kept her job because she followed the “Rules”.

So why do they make Laws? As I said laws are made to control the people through intimidation, fear of punishment, collect revenue, and control behavior the system does not want. It’s all about “CONTROL”

“Good” people will always do “bad” things when faced with extreme pressure from social/economic stress when they see there is no other option or not given an alternative.

But, what if the majority of the people in the country want to make a LAW because something is “morally” and “ethically” wrong or because you feel you are more intelligent. First of all, the only thing about this country that was designed to be a democracy is how we elect the people that represent us. Do you really want to live in a place where the majority of people rule? And if so, for all those people that have been programmed and conditioned to hate the Muslims or even if you disagree with Sharia Law, I hope you are willing to have your children or grandchildren living under Sharia Law. Muslim faith is the fastest growing in the world and this country. So how many decades before they are the majority and choose to impose their “moral” and “ethical” Laws on you. The only Law of the Land is Common Law.

So what about what about ABORTION and GUN CONTROL? I will just touch on this, because it turned into a Rant against all sides of each issue. It actually was several pages. But to keep this shorter and for me to remain composed: Instead trying to make something “illegal” think about the social/economic stress, stigma and pressures of the underlying problem and how helping correct those will reduce or eliminate the issue You have problems with. (Like I said this rant was several pages so don’t think I didn’t cover every possible BUT…. BUT……BUT….)


I can understand people being skeptical about the April 20th March on DC. and calling for all Federal Officials to leave their office by Noon April 21st. I can understand some people thinking this is Just Pure Craziness. I can also see people thinking this is just about getting attention and trying to get people to The Consensus Page. And I can see people saying it’s a pure death wish.

Let me go over each of these; tell me if there’s more.

1st No, The Politicians will not probably just leave office like they did in Iceland. Our Politicians with their megalomaniac personalities and egos wouldn’t allow it. Remember the system is for them, not for us. They do not even follow or make themselves exempt from the same laws they pass for us.

2nd Is this Pure Craziness? Well, you could consider it that. I would say when you Fear no More and realize no amount of protests, petitions, lawsuits, voting, or pleading with those in power will change anything then what are your choices. You can change all the players in the system, but the system will be the same. And They want the System to stay the same. Do you think they will start giving you your Rights back? Which Rights have they Not replaced with privileges or diminished? I guess we don’t have to quarter soldiers in our homes, there’s always that. I will be more than happy to go down the list with anyone and show you how they have been destroyed. And this is not even about right alone. The entire guidelines set in the US Constitution for the Federal Government have been broken, crossed, or have done the complete opposite. Remember in a Republic there is no higher power than you. The pecking order is your creator, you, the state, the federal govt. So what happened? It is just the opposite. We are all Sovereigns, that means you are King of your own life to do with what you want. Do you know some States have abolished Sovereign Rights? Look at the bottom of the State Constitution of Illinois.

3rd About this being some sort of ego driven ploy to get attention or see how many people we can get to this page. Well, if you have followed this page, we have never said who we were. We have never asked for donations or have that little donation button for you. We try to post the most truthful and researched info we can. We have made mistakes and some things have been posted (especially a quote or two)were wrong and when someone informed us, we thanked them, made the correction, or announced the mistake before deleting the info. This was never about us, this has always been about trying to inform people to what is really happening to this country and the world and hoping change could come to this country. Well people are now either awake or they will never see thru the fog. And there has been change, but it has been the Gov. that has kicked it into high gear with their destruction of this country and all our rights. I know better than to blame on party over another, I’m not falling for the illusion of choice when the same agenda just keeps getting pushed forward.

4th Some sort of Death Wish? Well you can believe that if you want, but I have 5 children the youngest being 17 and the oldest 25. So they are pretty much all grown up. I would love to be around to walk my girls down the aisle, or my sons become fathers and hold and play with my Grandchildren. But where is this country going to be in 5-10-20 years from now? The direction we are headed scares me to the core. I FEAR where we are going More than I fear death, or “indefinite detention”. I have always considered myself a pacifist of sorts. I never tried to harm anyone and tried to stick up for those that could fend for themselves. Hell I let bugs go outside before I would kill them. (if possible) I always tried to stay on the right side of the law, never been arrested. So no I don’t have a Death Wish. I do Have a Wish I’m More than willing to Die for. My wish is to see several million people who are fed up, sick and tired of being sick and tired and Mad as hell and Not going to take it anymore. (where have I heard that before?) So yes I have been pushed to this point and I can’t be pushed any further and it’s time to push back to the point of restoring this country. I will not allow them to tell me it will change, we promise, then offered some token.

Why I KNOW this can work. There are several factors that make it all possible. The first factor and the most important factor is the number of people we can get to show up, and the number we have waiting in the wings for the deadline date of April 21st. If 1000 people show up, well then I will still protest, but I won’t let the slaughter abuse or arrest of a thousand people happen just to become martyrs or be criticized or demonized by the press. But if we have 100,000 or maybe several million, how can they stop us? Remember they never thought MLK could get so many people in DC. and this is still about human rights. Another major factor is the Police involved. If we are armed they can justify in their minds for using any force possible. Remember they are people too, not just mindless emotionless killing machines. They see what’s going on, they see what’s happening to this country, they have families. Plus there are a lot of Oathkeepers and police that take their oath seriously. Some may be brainwashed enough to shoot into a crowd of their fellow “UnArmed” Americans but I know probably a good majority of them would stop the other police officers.

So what is the end Game and how do we actually take back the country. Well like I said in the posts, at the time of the deadline we will start moving forward and start taking over OUR GOV. Buildings. We are not there to destroy them or injure or kill the police. But we will NOT allow them to try and stop us. We will not allow them to try and make arrests. We will not back away from warning shots, tear gas, rubber bullets, LRAD sirens, dogs, batons, and every other weapon they have. I know the people that have my back will keep moving forward after I’m dead or can’t move forward anymore. I have even told them to use my dead body as a shield to get just one step closer. But I’m also very confident it won’t come to that especially if they know our intent and Know we will Not back down. Society will not fall apart. Good men do not need laws to do good and evil men will do evil no matter what the Law says. And I know there are a lot more good people in this country and on this earth than the evil ones. And if you look at the truth of the matter the evil ones are pulling the strings of our politicians. We are not there to harm them, we are there to make this country and most likely this World a better place. Is this the way Humans should live? This Planet spends more money on WAR than any research, humanity aid, education etc. combined. Now what we make of this country is truly up to us. Many know about what happened in Iceland and many more don’t, because you never heard a word about it in the news. I wonder why that is, maybe because we didn’t have to bomb them to liberate them, or maybe because it was successful without a drop of bloodshed, or maybe because they kicked out their central bank? (Our Federal Reserve) Either way they took back their country and made it right for them. We can do the same, restore common law, and free our non-violent Victimless criminals the list is as endless as we want it. We can put in the proper checks and balances to make sure this could never happen again. I’m not going to tell you what this going to be and how it is going to be ran, that’s not up to me alone! Even if I have to go there alone, I’m letting them know they are all fired and no longer control this country!

How this all Started

From the 1st “Note” Preaching to the Choir or Talking to the Wall The New American rEVOLUTION

I’ve spent a lot of my life learning about the system that controls the masses of this World. This was way before the Internet and when even a whisper about any type of malfeasance brought an instant look of speculation and ridicule. “Conspiracy Theories” have been around since one man or group of men manipulated themselves into power using their intellect or pure brute force. I’m sure in the beginning it was more of the latter that wielded power over the others and I’m sure for the “benefit of all”; or at least the ones he liked the most first. Manipulation for resources is what kept modern man ahead of his competitors. They learned that anything that was “Needed” by another could be used against weakest of the group. If it was something they “Wanted” then control of that was worth even more. Even monkeys figured out how to sell sex for money. (Keith Chen)

So even in recent modern history the labeling of events as “Conspiracy Theories” are used by the controlling few to dismiss claims of any malfeasance. To even suggest doubt to the contrary would be equivalent to blasphemy. In the last 50 years it seems that the numbers of questionable events are increasing. Even with the availability of instant information at our finger tips, the masses still choose to believe whatever “Official” version is offered to them. We have had such great “Conspiracies” as the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, that list is very long, events like 9/11 or even the most recent rash of shootings. I’m not even going to touch on any of these. Because this is about the difference between those who know the number of suspicious events is alarmingly growing and those that will never even think that there could even be a problem. This could be cognitive dissonance, complacency, blissful ignorance, or just dependent functionalism for the “State”.

We have come to a point in time where this country is on the brink of collapse in many ways, our financial system, our physical infrastructure, our moral values, racial, religious and social economical class division, and trust in government to name a few. Our “Rights” as “Individuals” have been slowly whittled away or removed and replaced with “Privileges”. Some states have even banned individual sovereign rights in their state constitution. Now the 2nd Amend. Is under attack, and this seems to be a line for some that cannot be crossed. The problem is as we as Americans sat idly by and allowed the destruction of most of our rights. Sure there are individuals and small groups that tried to stand up for themselves and show others the “Truth” as they knew it. No longer can anyone claim ignorance in this age of instant information. This goes back to the reasons why people couldn’t even think there was a problem.

If you understand that the system we have today was designed to be corrupt, purposely inept, doesn’t represent the people and given the illusion of a democratic society, where really we just vote for the next guy to push forward the same underlying agenda, then you do not need any more convincing. If you don’t believe this, no amount of evidence or convincing will work. That’s where we come to preaching to the choir or talking to the wall.

 No longer, do we have the luxury of talking to the “Wall”. Or shall I say beating your head against it. We all know there is only one way to stop this government and that is in a manner of what Iceland did or the way our Founding Fathers did.

I was planning for the deadline date to be July 4th for the significance and symbolism of that date. We can’t wait for special symbolic date, this is too important and Time is of the Essence. The plan of action is as follows. Everyone that has truly had enough and I know that is probably about 20-30% of this country, NEEDS to get to Washington DC on Saturday April 20th 2013. If you Understand, you know this is more important than anything else in your life. You say your family is Most Important to you, well what are you going to tell your Grandchildren when the asked what happened to The Bill of Rights and The Constitution? We do Not have to settle or think they Know better than us or are “Doing the Best they can.”

New Info not in earlier “Notes”

Does the Government really Represent the People??
Is the Government really looking out of the People’s best interests??

National Security:

For those people prone to believe that the government’s military actions are really looking out for the safety for the American People and are protecting us from terrorists or nuclear attacks.

If this Government was truly trying to protect this country they would be searching and every shipping container coming to this country. As of now there are less than 2% of the containers coming to this country inspected. They could use equipment to inspect every container, but their excuse is the cost involved. They estimate it would be 10’s of billion dollars a year. If any country or terrorist wanted to bomb this country with Nukes, they are not going to send it by intercontinental ballistic missile. They could easily ship it through China or a dozen other countries on any cargo ship and end up in anyone or several of our ports at one time. Bombing these “terrorists” with drones in other countries is Not doing anything to protect this country. All it is doing is creating more “terrorists”. We are now bombing people in several countries that are supposed to be allies. Some of these countries do not have stable Governments and have Nukes. Our borders are Swiss cheese, our military is spread thin, and our budget for the military and federal national security is over a trillion dollars a year.

For the Safety of the People:

Everything the Government does or laws they try to pass is under the guise of Public Safety. Look at all the Federal Agencies there are that are supposed to be for the Safety of the People. FAA, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, DEA, TSA, the list goes on and on. So are they agencies really there to protect the people or is most of it crony capitalism?

Let’s take a couple of those agencies that were directly made to protect the people from harmful foods and drugs. The FDA is there to screen drugs, chemicals, and foods to make sure they are not harmful to the public. So how many chemicals have been banned after they were said to be safe. So maybe some of the chemicals or products took years to show that they were not safe or caused cancer. Maybe the tests were flawed, maybe the test were not done long enough, or maybe the tests results offered to the FDA were done by the companies trying to get the new chemicals, drugs or products to market. So with billions on the line in most cases these companies will do and spend whatever it takes to get those products sold in the US. Almost 2000 drugs lone were recalled in 2009 alone. These were all deemed safe and effective by the agency protecting us.

So now we have Genetically Modified Foods that have been in our food supply since 1996. These foods were test on Rats for only 90 days then approved by the FDA. All the petitions in the world can’t even get them to label these foods, yet they can spend millions going after farmers or food co-ops over raw milk or the wrong color pig in the pens. These GMO’s have been banned from countries all around the world or have the requirement that they have to be labeled. The independent studies from countries or labs around the world have showed all types of problems in later generations of offspring from animals fed GMOs. But these companies are protected by our government they have several ex-employees of these companies working in our Government and the FDA. So they have pretty much free reign to do what they want.

Government spending:

I still have not met a person who things the Government is fiscally responsible with OUR Money. The system has bankrupted local, state and the federal government. They spend more and more money they don’t have, putting us deeper in debt. They still can’t pass a budget or come to any type of agreement with this sequestration. Even if they make all of those cuts which hurt mostly the people of this country we still will be operating in a deficit adding more debt every day. What is really happening to the money in this country?

Your money and what’s happening to it:

This government and the system have been crushing the value of the dollar, destroying the assets and savings of every person in this country. I’m sure everyone knows about the Euro. What about the Amero? The wealth of this country is enormous compared to most of the world. Even the poorest people in this country have a standard of living and spend more money daily than most of the people in the world do in a week. They have attacked every asset and have loaded each person with so much government debt that this country IS bankrupt in every way. They have drained every dollar out of the social security system and replaced it with IOU’s. They wiped out as much equity as possible from most people’s only source of equity, their home. Now they have attacked our personal retirement accounts and took away about ten years of accumulated wealth in about a year. Now for their Last Target! Their last target is every person’s IRA’s, 401k’s and retirement accounts. This is happening directly by increasing the national debt. Most people are lead to believe that our national debt is owned by other countries like China. Yes China does hold a lot of debt compared to most countries but it’s only about 9%. Most of the debt is held by the American people in their retirement accounts. Trillions and trillions of Our money is held in bonds. Every pension fund, every IRA not directly controlled by you, holds a percentage in US Treasury Bonds, in other words, we are lending the government money to spend as much as they want with little to almost no interest.

So why does this matter?

What happens do the value of your pension fund or IRA if the bond market crashes? I’m not saying the Government doesn’t pay interest on Treasury Bonds, but those bonds become almost worthless. How can that happen? How can the system and the government make this happen? And most of all, WHY would the system or government want this to happen?

Bond yields or the interest the government pays you is basically the lowest in history. The Federal Reserve in what they claim is an effort to save the economy is doing what they call quantitative easing or what the Media might call QE1, QE2, or QE3. Their claim is if they inject money into the financial system there will be more money available to everyone or make loaning money for the banks less risky and almost guaranteed. They are doing this by producing money out of thin air and buying about $85 Billion dollars a month in Treasury Bills (Bonds) and mortgage back securities. They say it is adding liquidity to the market. Now since the Federal Reserve is a Privately owned Corporation that lends the US Government money or the “People” that is, for an interest rate they can not lose. If bond prices go up, that means the yield goes down the Federal Reserve will make money with money they made out of thin air. Remember bond Yields are historically low, the odds of them dropping is almost impossible, especially when they stop they QE3. They can keep bonds low by buying them up and taking the true discovery price of the market away. This $85 billion a month has nothing to do with the Federal Government’s $16 Trillion national spending debt. When they stop QE3 the bond market will crash. The money the Fed Res invested in bonds will lose money since they bought the Bonds in US dollars it will actually be a debt owed by the Federal Government, or really us.

When the bond market crashes the 10 trillion held by the people of this country will lose most of its value. Google “Bond Market Bubble” and see all the articles about the bubble ready to burst.

Prison for Profit: This country is 5% of the World’s population, yet we have 25% of the World’s prison population. Most of the prison population is from non-violent victimless crimes. These people in most cases are serving more time than rapist, bank robbers, and murderers. There are people serving life sentences or facing 40-60 years in prison for doing what is deemed legal in the State they live. The offer the Private Prison companies contracts based on a 90% occupancy rate. It’s not that the people of this country are so bad or do such illegal things. It’s that the system needs to keep the prisons full and keep increasing the prison population. Instead of addressing the underlying issues it is more profitable for the politicians and the corporations to just throw people in prison, after all the “People” are paying the bill. Do you really think it cost $45,000 a year to house a prisoner? Most of the people reading this didn’t make $45,000 a year for most of their lives. And because of the corrupt medical and insurance industry, it now costs almost $70,000 a year to house a prisoner over 50.

So Who is in control of Whom? Who are the pawns being drained of their resources? Who are the servants to the “System” and pays for everything by excessive taxes at every turn? Not one thing you do anymore is Not taxed in some way. The average person pays close to 60% of their income in some sort of tax or government fee in 2009.

So When is it going to be “Enough is Enough Already”, for you?
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