Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Consensus March on DC, Stage one.

This is stage one of our March on DC. This is a first draft, Please let us know what you think and what should be changed, added or reworded. And Help write the Bill or Amendment! Leave messages or comments!

 Thank You!

Proclamation of Unity and Redress of Grievances

We the People come united as Americans to respectfully demand a Redress of Grievances regarding the influences of “Money Controlling Politics.”

We have petitioned and protested for decades with little to no action taken by the politicians elected to Represent We the People.

We understand that our pleas are not heard and ignored due to the fact that a Bill or Amendment would never be passed by the politicians that benefit directly from the very issue we demand action. 

We have the Right to Demand Action because We the People have exercised our rights granted to elect officials. The honor of being elected is to serve and protect the interests and will of the people. We the People hold the Authority and the Government Derives its Powers from the People.

We the People also Understand that the court system will back this unlimited influence of money in Our Political system, to the point of over ruling or partially over ruling previous decisions and making unlimited campaign donations a form of free speech.

The People also understand that the Politicians elected and Officials Appointed do not Represent the People, rather are influenced and controlled by the money.

It is made evident that the main concern of our Government Representatives is the ability to get re-elected to office. The duties for which the Politicians are elected have become second to the objective and time spent campaigning, fund raising, and pandering to special interest groups.

The multiple sources of the influence of money is not issue, it is the unlimited amount of that money. We have proposed a Bill or Amendment that will minimize or eliminate the unlimited flow of the influence of money.

We the People also Understand that without direct consequences to the lack of Action by our Politicians will result in the same Inaction.

We the People Demand the passage of such a Bill or Amendment.

We the People will no longer allow Inaction on our Demand.
The result of your Inaction will result in the Re-establishment of Authority to We the People.

(This will be emailed faxed to every Federal elected officials and brought to them by a committee Representing this Movement.)

We will demand action within a very short period of time. We know how fast they can pass bills when it benefits them. Maybe a week or two for the Bill or Amendment to be passed and signed into law.


  1. Tous d'abord je vœux dire que je suis pas dans l'obligation et sans intérêt de vous joindre et que je suis pas entrain de suivre et que je n’aies pas d'idées suicidaire ni terroriste.
    Seul nos idée se croisent et qu'on a tous le même but de vivre en paix et liberté avec le vrai sens du terme sans être manipuler ni gouverner.
    Donner un sens à la vie sans direction.
    Favoriser la création,communication et avoir l’accès au savoir.
    Donner de l’équilibre sans classes sociales.
    Bénéficier de tous nos droits dont un être humain doit avoir.
    Rendre l’intérêt de l'autre notre intérêts.
    Savoir que "je suit un système->système c'est suivre",Système c'est une limitation I<-- -->I donc brisant les.On n'a pas besoin d’être guider,dans notre contexte seul l'âne a des cache vision.
    Briser le schémas hiérarchique.
    Ne pas hésiter une seconde de crever pour une nouvelle vie,la garantir à nos enfants et les génération qui viennent.

  2. je trouve que le texte est bien rédiger, j'en trouve pas des fails.
    Les gens comprennent également que les hommes politiques élus et fonctionnaires nommés ne représentent pas le peuple,ferme les yeux sur leur souffrance , plutôt sont influencés et contrôlée par l'argent.

    Nous,le peuple représente le tous sans lui l'influence d'argent n'est qu'une rumeur dans les têtes des hommes politiques élus et les fonctionnaire nommés.

  3. they won a long time ago we're all just waiting to be killed now

    1. The only way they have won is if we do nothing. You can't tell me that 60-70% of the people have had enough of what's going on. All I need is to get 10% of those people to show up. And if you really feel that way, then I'll see you in DC.

    2. please is time to take out country back and give it to the people! that is you the people who work hard and paid your dues it's time to reclaim our constitutional rights as they were written long ago. Please help restore our country and our freedom...Slinger 74

  4. Passing it around on Reddit.

    1. Thanks! That's exactly what we need! People to post it where ever they go! That's exactly what it's going to take to get the word out!
      Thanks Again!

    2. I was wondering if it would be possible to have a running tabulation of the amount of people participating as the numbers increase. Something on the website similar to how many hits you get or whatever. Then we could check back as we follow the progress. Seeing the numbers grow would add more credibility and possibly help to rally other people to the cause. Just an idea. It's hard to conceive of that many Americans willing to do this, but I'm sure if they see a couple hundred thousand on the counter it would give them more encouragement. Thank you for your consideration. This is a bold idea.

    3. That is an EXCELLENT idea Eric.

    4. Eric, I hope someone is making a website for me now. That is a great idea and I wish I could show the views from this blog. The first week I posted it, I was getting about 6-8000 views a day. Since then it has dropped dramatically. Now less than 1000. I have been working with other groups and not promoting it as well plus time and money is always a factor. So for the first 10 days there were about 50,000 views of the blog, the following 3 weeks only had about another 10,000 views. The Facebook page has been getting a lot of hits too and has been growing fairly quickly without much promotion.
      Thanks for the input.

    5. I contated the NRA by email, but not sure if they will responed or not, you would think they would unless they are involoved with the Governments games. Also post on facebook and YouTube. Left Messages on YouTube to try to get hold of Aynonomous, but if they don't read the commets they won't responed, haven't seen them come out yet. I not sure who eles get get to the masses. I hope the bombing in Boston is not a side track from the Elite/Globalist/Illuminati to try to stop this. If they say homegrown it is, we the people are mad at them and I cannot imagine someone mad at the Government and hurt reg. Pee-ons like us.

  5. And everyone here needs to watch the moneychanger's documentary on youtube. 3:30:00 long but worth it. Love where Old Hickory says his greatest accomplishment, "I KILLED THE BANK". There is nothing Federal about our Reserve. There is no gold in Ft. Knox and your birth certificate is little more than a certificate of ownership. "Soon all Americans will be required to register their biological products..." Anywhere your name is in all CAPS you are property of the Bank of fucking England. According to law dictionaries person and human are not the same. They get us with cheap word tricks and slights of hand. Don't be fooled. Educate yourself. Don't participate in this SYSTEM. Direct democracy is now possible with the age of the internet. Cut down the vipers, we need speakers, not politicians. We need organizers, not slaves. The best slaves believe they are free.

    1. I hope this is only the start, on 4/23/13 we march to State Governments. this is already schudeled, but only a protect not a take over. If this is sucucceful hopefully this protest will scare the daylights out of the States to. The Fed. Banks has to go like in Iceland and DHS needs massive clean house and used as our military and UN most get off our soil and all the hidden UN troops hiding waiting to round us up to kill us must leave, but we will keep all the weapons (we paid for them)so they stay.

    2. Need proof of Obamanations (Muslim Brotherhood) inteads on killing us and contamenating Gods land with Musliums here it is

  6. That's exactly why we are going after the money in politics! And the sad part is you just scratched the surface, and I'm sure you know it too. This is our Chance! Help spread the Word!

  7. Follow my link to a movement to educate. Do not give up on your People.

    1. You didn't post a link!
      Like I say, if you can't see what is happening to this country, what kind of evidence does one need?

  8. Before I throw in with anyone or any group I would have to know who it is. Before I send any money, I would have to know to whom it is going. Got anything that will verify that my time and/or my money are not being wasted?

  9. I'm just an individual American with a vision on how to restore this country without an Armed revolution, which is exactly what they want. The "Group" is you the American People. I never wanted to be "in charge" of this, but I'm willing to lead the March. I'm willing to answer and welcome any questions, comments or concerns. I'd rather see you spend your money helping spread the word out on a local level, or charter a bus for a group in your area. This is Not something on person or group can organize or finance. So this is a People's movement and it will take The People to take responsibility for the liberation of their own Rights. So who I am really isn't important. I'm nobody you've heard of, I could be your neighbor and it still wouldn't matter. What matters is the plan and what you're willing to do about it.
    Tell me what else will work in this country?
    Another Protest or petition with no consequences? Or maybe waiting to see if they will make the money influence in politics illegal by voting for different people?
    Plus if you read any of the other comments about my identity you will get more than enough answers.

  10. Addressing grievances is not enough. It demands nothing. It gives no consequence.

    I like mine better.

    Petition to Demand government comply with the constitution of the United States

    We the people petition our government to comply 100% with The Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.

    We the people demand the following:

    1. Repeal every single law that is in violation of the Constitution and Bill of rights including but not limited to the following.
    A. Repeal The Patriot Act (violates the 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th amendments)
    B. Repeal NDAA (violates the 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th amendments)
    C. Repeal Obamacare. H.R.3200I.H and H.R.3200R.H. (violates the 10th Amendment)
    D. Stop sending money (foreign aid) overseas to our enemys which is treason.
    E. Impeach President Obama for not being a naturally born citizen (violates Article II section 1) and unauthorized use of the military in Libya and Syria without congressional approval.
    F. Export the United Nations from U.S. soil. The Charter violates the U.S. Constitution by delegating to the UN the power to declare war, a power specifically delegated to the U.S. Congress.
    G. Abandon the Federal Reserve. Only the Congress has the power to coin money per Articl I, Section 8 of ther US Constitution.
    H. Go back to a monetary system based on Gold and Silver and copper. Paper money is unconstitutional per Article I section 8 of the US Constitution which states only coin shall be considered money.
    I. Pass a 28th Amendment "Congress shall make no law for the people that does not apply to themselves and Congress shall make no law for themselves that does not apply to the people."
    J. Reform the tax system to include a flat tax where everyone pays equally. There shall be no deductions of any kind for anyone including the congress and the rich and the corporations.
    K. Cut all funding for every single program that the congress does not have authority to make law as mentioned in the Constitution, Article II, Section 8. Congress only has authority to make law regarding those items mentioned in Article II, Section 8. Everything else is the responsibility of the States per the 10th Amendment.

    The congress has 60 days from the time of this petition to comply with the people of the United States and to be in full compliance of the Constitution of the United States. If congress shall fail to act on these demands, the people of the United States will forcibly remove you from office for violations of the constitution.

    1. I don't think you read the whole blog.
      That's what this is all about to physically take back the Authority for the People.
      This is only one of Several pages.
      This was added after the original March on DC was planned.
      This cam after a suggestion from another group. Read the rest and tell me what you think then. Thanks.
      And besides, with that list you just lost half of the people's backing in this country.

    2. Can we not impeach him for that and impeach him for the war crimes? I guess it is of little consequence.

    3. The system will never do harm to itself. The only way he would get impeached is if he went directly against the system.

    4. Not just Syria and Libya, Yemen and Somalia too.

  11. Back to the original draft a few questions.

    1. Was the use of capitalization in this piece overdone to bring emphasis to certain points?
    2. Do you think the letter would be more effective if the footnote of being emailed and delivered to every politician was stretched to be every newspaper and news station?

    and this sentence We have the Right to Demand Action because We the People are the true People in Charge and the Government Derives its Powers from the People. &%&%&% Should read " We the People have exercised our rights granted to elect officials. The honor of being elected is to serve and protect the interests and will of the people.

    1. Yes I do use Caps for emphasis...
      And thanks for the input, I will change that sentence it flows much better and is more descriptive.

    2. I think you did a really great job American here all the way. I'm just wondering how much of this were supposed to take before we do make a move. if we wait much long it's about all the people of the world rather than a unite or divideer it will be too late. but I agree with everything that you've had to say but I will also die an American no other! and what we are facing is biblical it's not just about America

    3. Thanks but I this is truly a collaboration of thousands of people's comments over a couple of years. I think most of us are fed up with the lunacy of this Gov, but they feel that it's a necessary evil or it's just to big to do anything about it. Plus you have those that fully support what they are doing because they are sold on the idea that it's all for their safety. Fear is the biggest controlling emotion.

    4. We do need to take this country and give the freedom baxk to the next generation and help the founding fathers of this country.....we need to put a infrastructure back intonplace and help the american people and give he money to peopme who need and deserve it not aid the terriost if we kept that money in the united states no family would live in proverty but live a life full of means and able to suport their familys as they did back in the old days and the free market would benefit all americans and not be limited to just one corporation or bigger companies controlling costs and jobs i might be rambling on and on i support this movement its time those politicians see the real world and see where they came from........thanks for the time

    5. No, thank you for the input and support!

  12. Hear Me America, A Message For All Americans
    One of our Sons of Liberty Riders brothers posted this on our Washington SOLR
    website. I copied it and posted it here for all to see. I think the poop is
    gonna hit the rotator sometime soon if we don't get things changed in a
    different direction.

    Captain Terry M. Hestilow, United States Army, Retired.
    I fully intend to
    address this in far greater det...ail within days, but ask yourself, with all
    the law enforcement available in the United States, who the DHS is preparing to
    declare war on inside the U.S.?

    ... With the
    massive purchases of almost 3,000 new armored vehicles (MRAPs) and 1.6 BILLION
    rounds of ammunition, with associated weapons, who in the U.S. do they intend to
    kill? Short answer: You and me! Anyone they think is standing in their way to
    impose a new Marxist government! Anyone who stands for the U.S. Constitution!

    We must demand that our representatives (Senators and U.S. Representatives)
    stand firm and immediately force, by law if necessary, the DHS turn over their
    arsenal of war making equipment to the Department of Defense. Nothing justifies
    this massive arms build up of an agency whose jurisdiction is internal within
    the United States of America! They are preparing to go to war against American

    Don't wait on people like John McCain or Lindsey Graham to
    recognize the threat! Citizens you must demand Congress act to force these
    weapons, ammunition, and armored vehicles be turned over immediately to the DoD!
    Then let us dissolve the DHS (or SA, or SS... whatever you call them)!

    Hear me, America. The DHS can only be preparing to declare war on us
    with the arsenal of weapons and equipment they are purchasing as they
    methodically dismantle our legitimate military made up of patriotic Americans!
    If I live and still have a page to speak out on later this week, I will discuss
    a proper Constitutional response in a couple of days. Standby.

    Captain Terry M. Hestilow, United States Army, Retired.
    ACTION: Contact your REPS in Congress and demand answers! 202-224-3121 Senate,
    202-225-3121 House

  13. I like The idea to send it to The news stations and newspapers as well. Major ones yes, but more importantly The local stations of several major cities In each state.

    1. That's where we need everyone to help. I couldn't possibly contact 5% of them. But if everyone tried to contact their local ones or use their contacts the word will spread faster.
      Thanks for the support!

    2. Do you HR 347 makes it illegal to pray in front of the WhiteHouse, I am so sick of this war on God and why they want our guns. We must keep our Guns so we can keep our God and that is so sad.

  14. If Americans go to DC to protest that may end badly. Americans need an insurance policy to keep the obama admin honest. If all Americans not in DC blockade their local roads and highways shutting down all transport locally, the administration will be forced to listen to our representatives in DC. If the people in DC have problems, all the rest of us can take over our towns, cities, counties, and states and throw officials out of office. These Americans should be armed outside of DC. Going into DC armed at present would be stupid at present.
    This method would render the country ungovernable by the obama admin if pushed. The military and the police could not cover all the bases nor force that many armed patriots to back off across the entire country.

    1. As Mr Eastwood put it so clearly, "Do you feel lucky, Punk?" And remember that YOU are the punk dealing with a government out of control led by the obama administration. I do not trust this government.

  15. Beware of people sent to turn your protest into a violent riot. I would not put it past the politicians to pay people to sabotage it.

  16. In addition to repeals, how about calling for immediate resignations from all Government employees who committed acts of treason by not protecting the U.S. Constitution.

    1. If we target any individuals or groups at this point you can lose support. Nobody wants to admit it is their guys fault or contributed to the mess we are in. Remember it's always the other guys fault or at least that's the game they play.

  17. Do you think it would be a good idea to get Alex Jones involved in this? He's always talking about getting involved, I personally think it would be a good way to let a lot of people know that this movement is going on. I'm not real sure how big his audience is but I think it would be a great way to find people to join us in this war. I listen to his podcast everyday. he always talks about what's going on and what's going to happen but I have yet to hear him offer solutions other than getting the word out. so I'm sure he'd be on board if you want to do his show.

    1. I know several members of the Facebook page "The Consensus" has been trying to get the info to him. I personally have not tried. I spend most of my day sending emails or making phone calls to different types of media outlets to help get the word out.
      Most will not support such a thing because they are limited to what they can cover. Now they will cover it after it happens, but they can't promote such a thing. Remember most of these companies have to follow FCC laws and they don't want you promoting such things.

    2. Bill Cooper said alex is a lying POS and not to be trusted. They shot Bill like a dog in his front yard.

  18. I understand the message.
    These very issues are addressed in the constitution and Bill of Rights.
    May I suggest you copy and paste quotations from those documents to revise your correspondence? I feel it would fortify your position and address objections from the greedy rat bastard recipients.
    xo . stef

  19. Meeio, I bloged you before. This isn't the way. If you want to truly win, this is what has to happen. Get every person you can to STOP SHOPPING FOR ONE MONTH! It means planning ahead but it can be done short of groceries at the grocers. Everything else stops.including only twice a week. But everyone had to do the gas on the same two days of the week. WHAT THIS DOES IS BANKRUPT THE ELITE! It crashes the economy. We can start over after that. No bloodshed, no one gets hurt and the white house will hear the people and we can make demands. Then we can impeach and bout him. Three will be no more puppeteers because they will be bankrupt! Here your are effectively killing to birds worth one Stone.getting rid of the elite/nwo and Obama with no bloodshed! People don't have to mobilize no money is spent the simply dries up and we win. Do you understand this? The only thing people have to unite for is not spending money for a month except groceries and gas two days out if the well. Period! Is very hard to post here. My name is cheryl ann mcguire. Accomplish this and your a hero and the whole world will thank you because every country is in their grips!

    1. Most will not stop shopping and this will not work. I hope Millionsss show up and remove them all, the evil is in both parties and this game they play to divide us must stop now. I am a Republician and the what they call GOP are wolves in sheep clothing and the same is in the DEM. Party, they are all one party of the NWO and don't care about none of us. JFK was a great man and the last of the true DEMS and why they murdered him, because he was against the NWO. I also think that is why they tried to murder Ronny.

  20. Here is the method you are looking for and this site is by a guy who is working to get the information out there. Your idea is right but it lacks too much to be viable. Taking over buildings will do nothing because the next day, those who took them over will need to go home to their jobs etc. and those who were ran off will come back to an empty building just needing to be filled by themsleves as usual. Marching and protesting only last as long as those protesting can stay, and if they become a nuisance to their surroundings...well you saw what happened to the OWS protests which had worldwide support in every country on the planet. It did nothing because no one knew what to do once the spotlight was on them. No one knew how to get the people who should have been given the spotlight or the microphone into the places where they would be seen and heard through the media. That is key to the entire project, being able to get the information to everyone at the same time in a way that lets them know that this time is IT. THIS IS the gathering of the masses we have all been waiting for to show our solidarity for our freedom and our country to be made a proud nation that the rest of the nations of this earth can again look to for guidance and honesty from its leaders.

    1. Thanks, I agree.
      I'll check it out.