Saturday, April 6, 2013

April 20th March and Future March Date

We are about 2 weeks away from April 20th

I truly thought this would fly around the internet like those “Stop CISPA” Petitions and Facebook Pages. I just can’t believe that People have become so complacent, so apathetic and so accepting of the idea there is nothing they can do to change what is happening to this country, or how strong the social stigma is to question the government and publicly proclaim your distrust and objection to their agendas.

It’s quite obvious we will NOT have the numbers needed to be able to do anything this April 20th. It looks like this is just round #1 in a 12 round bout.

I will still be going, but if it is an expense for you that could be a burden to your family, I would rather see you save your money for round #2.

I am going to set the next March on DC date for September 17th 2013. That is Constitution Day. That will give us about 5 months from now to try to get a true grass movement going.

I will be working on different ways to take this off the web and get it out into the streets. One of our members of the Facebook page made a couple of flyers to pass around. Things like that will get the message out into the community, and it will spread out from there.

I have tried Dozens of times to reach al types of alternative media groups for support. Even they can’t broadcast or promote a restoration of this countries original principles and design.

 There will be more updates soon. Don't forget about the Facebook page The Consensus. I release info there more frequently.

Also you can always reach me there or email me at


  1. Sounds like a good plan. Ut was a long way for short notice but I believe in this, believe it's long past due for an overhaul, and I will PROUDLY step up and sacrifice for this country. 5 months. We can do this people.

  2. Your plan stunk. Nobody knows who you are. The ones who know about you - all they know is that a handful of armed nutburgers thought they were going to storm Congress. Really???

    Look, you have no advertising campaign, no long term strategy, but a whole lot of fantasy. A more realistic plan would be to take over locally and spread out.

    People ARE as angry as you. There are a lot of us who are far from complacent and apathetic but we aren't stupid.

    It took a century for things to go bad here - it'll take at least that long to get it back.

    Here's the plan: Short Term: Locally, take over the school boards, city and county councils. Become state reps.

    Long Term: Pull kids away from the public schools. The leftists took our kids and re-educated them. We must do the same. Take our kids back. It's definitely a long term project but a critical one.

    Educate people. Don't storm the castle until it comes to you.


    Lynn Repko

  3. I agree, and if your going to set dates, consider one of the largest groups of people who can support you are students. Your first date has fell around the end of a semester, finals weeks. Your next date is in the middle of school week! Just something to consider. Your plan is great, but this takes allot of effort. And I don't see anything but lengthy blog posts.


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